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I have purchased this game from Apple's Appstore. I can't start the game. the opening screen tries to open a window which doesn't load properly, it remains blank. I can't type or click on anything on that window. And without closing that window the game won't start. So I get stuck. Can anyone help me please?

Amazing game! Love it so simple and creative. Best game I’ve played for iPhone and IPad yet! I just wish game progress could be synced between phone and tablets. Great job overall.

I'd play this on my android

Android version will be available soon. We need time to fix balance, bugs and problems that we found in the desktop version :)

Great happy to hear that ^_^.


Very similar to

but not bad!

Yes, we heavily inspired by this game

Yeah! I love those guys very much.

Your product is very high quality!  I'll buy it.(on steam)


Ok so i started the game and in the settings i unchecked the "full screen" checkbox. From that moment the game switched to 1 px resolution and therefore is unplayable. Is there a workaround to set back the full screen mode by editing a parameter in a file, maybe? I even tried deleting and re-unpacking the game but the issue remains.

Hi! Sorry for that :) Try to download a new version and launch it with pressed Alt key.

Thanks it worked 


Is there an official contact email where I can contact you about getting a review copy of Phandom Signal?

If not, email me at either taylor AT steamshovelers DOT cool or reviews AT steamshovelers DOT cool.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Taylor Clemons

Senior Writer/Editor/Social Media Manager for Steam Shovelers

Hi! Email to

Why do you need a review copy you have a demo ?

Scammers -_-

... because the demo isn't the full game, and to do a review on the title you need to complete the game. (not to be confused with First Impression Reviews, which revolve around the initial interaction with the title).

While there are a ton of scammers out there, not everyone is (note to SteamShovelers though - there are a few companies out there that connect content creators/reviewers/etc. with developers - though they do take a little hunting down)